Cage 60 Knock Down black – H70cm


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The black Down cage is a roomy sized birdcage. Its unique and elegant design allows it to fit in any interior.

Specially designed to meet the needs of our feathered friends, it is equipped with:
– 4 wooden perches
– 4 bowls accessible from the outside
– 1 drinker
– 1 bathtubThe maintenance of this cage is facilitated thanks to the removable tray which allows cleaning without disturbing the birds.Spacious birdcage
– Optional stand
– Original design
– Black color
– Complete with 4 perches, 4 feeders, 1 drinker, a tub
– Dimensions 80 x 50 x H70cm
– Bar spacing: 9.5 mm

A base is available as an option to be able to place this cage, it has 4 wheels to facilitate movement of the cage. Petrol blue in color, it is made of metal and can


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