Perch Playground for parrots


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Large area to occupy your bird
The parrot is a very intelligent bird. Domesticated, it is important to leave toys and occupations available to him because this prevents him from developing stress or boredom. Thus, to reproduce occupations that he could have in the middle of nature, playgrounds and perches are recommended. This large parrot play area is the ideal play area to occupy your parrot in complete freedom. Complete, it offers your favorite bird a beautiful surface to play and occupy – Accessories for bird cages
– Made of non-toxic metal and wooden perches (pine)
– With 2 stainless steel feeders (Diameter 11.5cm)
– With a perch
– On wheels
– With scales
– Recommended and approved for larger parrots
– Hygienic: with seed catcher
– Swing space (fixed): H29 x W 22cm with small wooden perch
– Ladders for your parrot to have fun – Dimension of the large perch: 43cm x 2cm (diameter)
– Seed catcher size: L92 x 70 cm
– Dimensions of the drawer: 70 x 51 x 2cm
– Fixed swing perch
– Space between the rungs of the interior ladder: 2cm
– Space between the bars of the main structure: 3.5cm


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