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This wand, equipped with an integrated clicker, is an effective aid for the education and training of your animal. It can be used with all breeds of animals regardless of their age. This wand is, especially for small animals, a good tool to develop their reflexes and train them in all kinds of exercises. Used for training dogs and cats, it can also be used with rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, birds, etc.
Clicker principle
In the context of animal education, the role of reward is essential. Once conditioned to the clicker, your companion will assimilate “click” and reward. During training, click and distribute a treat. The “click” / reward relationship is thus established.

Principle of the telescopic wand
Once your pet is conditioned to the clicker, the telescopic wand can come into play. Your companion then learns to follow the muzzle wand. As soon as the animal’s muzzle brushes the end of the wand, an instant “click” ensues (sometimes followed by a reward). Now, guided at the level of the muzzle, your companion will be able to perform various tricks of skill.


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